Apple Store 2.0: What Will Apple's Rumored Retail Update Look Like?

05/18/2011 06:01 pm ET | Updated Jul 18, 2011

May 19 marks the 10th year anniversary of Apple's first retail store and rumors are swirling that the company may be unveiling some new features at its Apple Stores around the world.

An unnamed source tells 9 to 5 Mac and Apple Insider that "Apple Store 2.0" could include new signage, new customer service offerings, and new displays that involve iPads in place of paper.

Writes 9 to 5 Mac,

Like we reported before, Apple is taking their personal setup service very seriously. Even more so in Apple Store 2.0. Personal Setup will have new dedicated areas in stores called “Startup Sessions.” The new bars are said to be even more interactive. Another major change at Apple Stores has to do with their signage. Today, next to each Mac and many products are paper signs. With Apple Store 2.0, those signs will be replaced with interactive iPads.

Next, these new Apple Stores – at least in some locations – will feature beefed up displays, which are described as “huge,” in addition to brand-new sound systems. Besides those in-store changes, Apple is set to release a brand-new Apple Store iOS application – possibly on Sunday – that is even more interactive. For example, a user with the app can walk into the store and the app will know which location the user is at. The app can even ask the user if they’d like to speak to a specialist, for example.

Apple Insider, which was tipped off to "stacks" of iPad 2 units at an apple store, reports, "In one location, nearly 40 iPads were supplied for a store with about 100 specialists. Based on those numbers, everyone working on any given day could be equipped with an iPad, perhaps in place of an iPod touch-based EasyPay terminal, which Apple stores switched to in 2009."

What would you want to see at the "Apple Store 2.0?" What features, amenities, perks, and designs would be included? Send us your design for the Apple Store of the future and it may be featured it on HuffPostTech.