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Twitter Gives Users More Control Over Third Party Apps

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Twitter has updated its permissions process in an effort to provide users with more transparency and control over what information can be accessed by third-party applications.

When a user first connects an app to her Twitter account, she will now be shown a permissions screen that details what information the app will be able to access, as well as what "activities" they can perform with her account, such as posting tweets, reading tweets, and viewing the accounts she follows. Twitter will also be limiting the access that third party apps have to direct messages.

"Apps that you use to access your direct messages will ask for your permission again. By the end of the month, applications that do not need access to your direct messages will no longer have it, and you can continue to use these apps as usual," Twitter wrote in a blog post.

Take a look at the apps that you've approved to access your account by visiting the Applications page, what apps you've approved by visiting the "Applications" page under "Settings."

Here's what Twitter's new permissions screen will look like:

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