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End Of The World: 9 Ways To Tell The World Is Over

The Huffington Post   Jake Bialer   First Posted: 05/19/11 08:48 PM ET   Updated: 07/19/11 06:12 AM ET

So Harold Camping and his followers suspect that May 21, this Saturday, is Judgement Day - the end of the world. We've already covered reasons the world may not end.

But how do you know the world is really over? How do you differentiate between a semi-apocalypse and the real thing? Gathered from pop culture and celebrity behavior - the two dominant forces in the universe - we've put together 9 ways to tell the world is really nearing its end.

R.E.M. "feels fine"
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The famous R.E.M. hook goes "it's the end of the world as we know It and I feel fine." Well... this is the day.
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End of The World

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