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Legendary Shots Group Sinks Catapult Shot (VIDEO)

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The teens in the Legendary Shots group aren’t the first ones in history to chuck basketballs at hoops from obscure places. But they may be the first to construct a catapult that can hit a shots from distances that would even make Luol Deng look like he's doing layups.

The group shot their way into internet stardom when they posted a series of unlikely shots to YouTube, draining jumpers from a high-speed roller coaster, a hot air balloon, and a series of rooftops, monuments and places that have probably never seen a basketball.

But in their latest video, they built homemade catapult on their own dime and spent a few Saturdays trying to get the machine to cooperate. SkyNet be warned, the machine finally got on board.

Behold, the Catapult Shot:

Yahoo! Sports has details of how they put this beast together:

“The Alabama teens spent most of their winter break in January drawing a blueprint of a catapult they saw on YouTube, then constructing a giant wooden version powered by a pair of 110-pound garage springs. In addition to shelling out $300 for building materials, they borrowed power tools from their parents, painstakingly cut the wood at precisely the right angles and even painted a "Legendary Shots" logo on the side.

Because the catapult's accuracy was more scattershot than the Legendary Shots expected, it was rare for the ball to get within a foot or two of the rim. The group spent six Saturdays shooting for roughly seven hours a day at a nearby football stadium and in group founder Carson Stalnaker's backyard before finally sinking a shot on a bounce from roughly 50 yards away.”

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