05/19/2011 01:56 pm ET Updated Jul 19, 2011

Suspect In More Than 10 Killings Worshipped Mexican Saint Of Death: Investigators

Already in prison on charges of double murder, Raul Segura-Rodriguez was charged with four additional killings on Wednesday, as authorities expand allegations against a crew they believe is responsible for a steep death toll.

Law enforcement officials believe Segura-Rodriguez was part of a trio that trafficked drugs around the city -- and occasionally robbed and killed prospective buyers. He, Augustin Toscano, and Arturo Ibarra are believed to be behind a dozen killings.

Toscano and Segura-Rodriguez were apprehended in a firefight with police late February, after allegedly trying to escape a home where they had bound and slit the throats of three men. A Chicago police officer was shot in the leg in the shoot-out, and Ibarra, the leader of the group, was killed.

One of the throat-slit men survived, and the other two died from their injuries, leading to double-murder charges against Segura-Rodriguez and Toscano.

But on Wednesday, authorities laid several more deaths at the feet of Segura-Rodriguez.

According to WLS, four men were found bound and shot in the head in a garage in September of 2010, and evidence ties Segura-Rodriguez to the crime. As yet, Toscano has not been charged with any further murders.

In a bizarre twist to the story, investigators say that Segura-Rodriguez "worshipped a Mexican saint of death," the Chicago Sun-Times writes.

He was set to appear in bond court on the new charges on Thursday.