05/20/2011 11:11 am ET | Updated Jul 20, 2011

George W. Bush Reaps $15 Million Post-Presidency

Former president George W. Bush is earning major money on the speaking circuit in his post-presidential life.

According to iWatch News, Bush has made an estimated $15 million since leaving the White House. The former president reportedly boasts a speaking fee between $100,000 and $150,000.

Bush has largely shied away from the public spotlight since leaving office. One month prior to the release of his memoir Decision Points last fall, President Barack Obama's predecessor said, "I have zero desire, just so you know, to be in the limelight." He added, "I'm going to emerge then submerge."

Earlier this month, Bush declined an invitation from Obama to join him at a ceremony being held at Ground Zero in the wake of Osama Bin Laden's death. His spokesman, David Sherzer, said the former president appreciated the offer, but wanted to remain outside the public eye in his post-White House life.

Sherzer told iWatch News that Bush has given nearly 140 paid speeches since the end of his term as president. According to the outlet, nearly all of Bush's speaking engagements are closed to the press.

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