05/20/2011 01:55 pm ET | Updated Jul 20, 2011

Stephen Colbert Takes A Jab At Facebook Brand Tags

Stephen Colbert called out Facebook's new feature that lets users tag items in photos that link to official brand pages.

"A big tip of my hat to 'The Facebook' for instituting a new policy allowing users to add tags for brand-name products that appear in their photos," he said.

"By letting me tag products in my personal photos, Facebook’s giving my favorite companies more ways to market directly to me," he went on to explain. "Now I can finally realize my lifelong dream of getting targeted by Target. And getting spammed by Spam."

Imagining the possibilities of tagging weddings, births and funerals with brands like Sierra Mist, Colbert concluded, "Now, Americans can whore themselves out on Facebook instead of just whoring themselves out on Craigslist. Photo taggers could charge companies based on their number of friends and demand top-dollar for tags in their most-viewed photos. Think of all the windfall you could reap from dropping products into your most precious life moments."

Check out Colbert lampoon the social network. (Facebook segment begins around 2:18.)