05/20/2011 10:12 am ET Updated Jul 20, 2011

Ticket Fixing Scandal Could Ensnare Three Cops Over Possible DWI Cover-Up

Three cops accused of fixing tickets could find themselves in a fix.

The officers might face criminal charges for covering up a car crash involving one of their fellow officers.

From the Daily News:

Officer Michael Lazarou, 27, mowed down several light poles and meters in the village of Tuckahoe in Westchester County, but was sent home with minor summonses after village cops, union delegate Kenny Fuchs and at least one other NYPD cop conspired to nix a likely DWI, the sources said.

The alleged coverup started when Tuckahoe Sgt. John Cuccinello woke up an NYPD officer who lived in the area and told him he would let Lazarou go if he signed two minor summonses, the News reports. The two officers allegedly drove to the scene of the crash and convinced Lazarou to sign the tickets. Union delegate Kenny Fuchs also allegedly helped persuade Lazarou to ink the summonses.

The story comes one day after the NYPD announced it would set up a special unit designed to detect and prevent ticket fixing.

The scandal first broke last month, followed by reports that it involved high-ranking politicians.

There were also allegations that NYPD officers tried to cover up domestic abuse charges.