05/21/2011 08:25 pm ET | Updated Jul 21, 2011

Judy Pugh, Woman Who Lost Home In Tuscaloosa Tornado, Experiences 'Miraculous' Event On Camera (VIDEO)

Judy Pugh was in her Tuscaloosa, Alabama home when a massive tornado -- one of many to devastate the region -- ripped through her neighborhood on April 27.

In this video, Pugh tells CBS42 News how a wall pinned her to ground as the twister carried her roof away. She believes that very wall may have saved her life.

Although her home was destroyed from the vicious storm, two of Pugh's cats made it out alive. Her third cat was never found in the weeks following the disaster.

While the CBS42 cameras are rolling, something entirely unexpected happens. As one news anchor says, "There are moments that can only be described as miraculous."

WATCH (via CBS42):