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Rapture 2011: Apocalypse Now... No, Now! (LIVE BLOG)

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It's the moment we've all been waiting for: "Doomsday."

Harold Camping, a radio host and leader of an obscure Christian movement, has proclaimed that the world will end on May 21 based on his interpretation of the Bible -- and millions of people have taken notice.

For Camping and his followers, Judgment Day is serious business, even though past predictions by Camping about the Apocalypse haven't paid off.

For many others, it's a sideshow that's impossible to take seriously.

Here at HuffPost Comedy, we're closely monitoring the day's events for signs of the Rapture -- or signs this predicted end of the world will pass like the ones before it. Either way, we'll keep you posted up to the very last minute with updates on this live blog.

Keep us posted with tips on Facebook and Twitter.

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After all that, and our many hours invested in this live blog, we must report that there was no abnormal earthquake activity today.

Does that mean the rapture never happened? Well, we already lost one live blogger earlier today (scroll down). But you make the call after reading more here.

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As it looks like the Rapture has been either a no-show, or is postponed indefinitely, we are winding down our doomsday coverage.

Make sure you check in on Monday for your regularly scheduled weird news.

Trying to find the perfect quote that will sum up the last 36 hours of fear-mongering is difficult.

We thought about getting a comment from an esteemed intellectual who could express the hopes, dreams, desires, fears and wishes associated with this event with pithy and aplomb.

Then we realized we needed something more important than a clever quote: We needed something that would increase our search engine optimization, so here’s a quote from Kim Kardashian instead.

@ KimKardashian : I'm confused why does everyone think the world is gonna end today? Only God can determine that! But what started all of this talk?

What indeed.

The countdown to Dec. 21, 2012 begins.

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How Harold Camping and his followers probably reacted:

Wi-Fi is great in heaven, by the way.

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View of Huff Post Live Blog HQ post-rapture.

Sent from my iPhone as I float into the clouds. Have fun on Earth people!

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Will people on the east coast start floating into the clouds in five minutes?

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Housefly sighting in Brooklyn. EARLY SIGN OF THE PLAGUE???

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These are what the clouds look like above the Huff Post Live Blog HQ in Brooklyn, just a half hour before the rapture is supposed to occur. Your editor expects to float up into the clouds.

Depending on the wifi situation in heaven, this live blog may terminate around 6.

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The Taiwanese Computer animators at NMA are famous for their takes on global events. From Bin Laden's death to Tiger Wood's fights with wife , they've used a combination of CGI and humor to produce viral video after viral video. Now, they've created a hilarious account of the rapture. Watch below.

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The Rapture Rap explains how the rapture is supposed to occur. Eclectic Method's Apocamix mixes end of the world clips from popular films with dance beats.

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Today's Rapture postponed as Jesus awaits announcement of surprise guest on final Oprah. Savior "hopeful" but "okay with it" if not picked.less than a minute ago via HootSuite Favorite Retweet Reply

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Harold Camping, the man behind the rapture prediction, isn't communicating with the media or his followers today.

For all the hype leading up to this, countless broadcasts and a sprawling nationwide campaign, the airwaves of Christian Family Radio are largely silent with May 21, 2011 finally here.

Harold Camping, president of Family Radio and a multimillionaire, has also been quiet, Reuters reports, as the hours tick and signs of an apocalypse are nowhere to be found.

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Watch what David Pogue called "the funniest Rapture video you'll see all day ”

WARNING: some graphic language

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It's now May 22 in some parts of the world, including Australia, China and India, and no signs of rapture to report for those countries.

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Harold Camp's Rapture forecast has led to a lot of discussion on Twitter. The Huff Post has collected some of the best tweets.

People are making Rapture jokes like there's no tomorrow.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

If this Rapture doesn't get started soon, my rental Ferrari demolition derby last night wasn't as fun as I thought.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

This is Camping's 2nd incorrect guess about date of rapture. Am giving him 1 more chance but if he gets it wrong again am giving up on him.less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

The Rapture cannot happen today. I simply have too many films to watch, books to read and TV boxsets to get through. #ApocalypsePostponedless than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

So are people going to just start floating into the sky? This is my first rapture... so i'm trying to figure out what to wear.less than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply

The rapture just pivoted. It's now a mobile, social, deals, photosharing startup with a valuation just north of 0 million.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

Don't worry if you can't come up with a Rapture joke, its not the end of the world.less than a minute ago via Twitter for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

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Rod Kurtz, Executive Editor of AOL Small Business, spoke with CBS's The Early Show about how businesses are profiting from those concerned about the rapture.

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A tipster called into the Huff Post Doomsday Hotline with the following rapture account:

I'm just calling to let everybody know that I think the rapture is happening in my house because this morning I woke up and my milk has expired early. Also, I stubbed my toe when I got out of bed and it hurts really bad and I'm pretty sure that means I'm being raptured. Also, for some odd reason, when I woke up, I wasn't wearing any underwear.

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The clock just struck six in England. No sign of the Rapture.

@ Tenjinmoop :'s 6pm in England, and no rapture! Gosh. I'm surprised.

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The Rapture is supposed to lead to apocalyptic earthquakes. But MSNBC's Cosmic Log Reports that no out-of-the-ordinary seismic activity has occurred today.

Readings from the U.S. Geological Survey have turned up only a few quakes worthy of any note around the world, and nothing anywhere near major. If you check the USGS' chart of seismic activity, the blue squares denote quakes that have occurred over the past 24 hours, and the red squares stand for tremors in the past hour. The size of the square represents how big the quake was ... and there are no big squares.

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From Huff Post commenter RoryBellows
I think it's beginning! Ten minutes ago there was a group of people waiting at the bus stop outside my house. Now, they're all gone!

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Harold Camping predicted the rapture would occur at 6 P.M. in each time zone. There has been no real sign of the rapture in any of the timezones where it is later than 6pm.

Nevertheless, six hours until the rapture on the east coast of the United States. For people in the Eastern Time Zone, it's time for your last lunch pre-rapture!

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Spike5 in the Huff Post comment has a theory:

Maybe the 'raptured' are just so few that no one has noticed their disappeara­nce. But it hasn't hit the USA yet so we should see more when it hits 6:00 pm here. After all, isn't the USA 'one nation under god'?

I'm withholdin­g judgment until after 6:00.

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The Huffington Post asked Sohaib Athar, the IT consultant known for live-tweeting the U.S. raid of Osama's compound, about whether he had seen any signs of the rapture in Abbottabad, Pakistan. At 8:30 P.M., he responded, "Nothing happened here as far as I know. I was outside for the last 2 hours actually."

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We've received a voicemail from caller who has a headache and is wondering if he has been raptured. "I got a slight headache. Does that count as being raptured?" asks the caller.

Floating into the sky is generally considered a prerequisite for being raptured. Does a headache count?

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Harold Camping is quite confident that 200 million souls will be saved today. If that's the case and we find ourselves short 200 million people tomorrow, how will that change the world?

Well, that depends on where you live -- and where those 200 million souls lived, according to CBS News.

"Two hundred million fewer Americans would have a big impact on the globe as a whole," said Paul Ehrlich, a professor at Stanford University's Center for Conservation Biology.

If the Rapture occurs, we'll see a reduction in the consumption of resources -- but we'll also see a "an instant 3 percent reduction in our productive capacity," according to Taggert J. Brooks, an economist at University of Wisconsin, La Crosse.

That is, of course, if we survive the earthquakes.

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ProfBrianCox, a Rapture skeptic, has a devious plan.

@ ProfBrianCox : I think we should all pretend the #rapture is happening so that when Harold Camping gets left behind later today he'll be livid

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Thanks everyone for calling into the rapture hotline! We currently have about one hundred voicemails and have taken several live calls. There is a common theme among callers: most of you think the rapture will not occur today. Keep the calls coming. We appreciate the tips.

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Huff Post Comedy received the following photo from tipster @Chuck915 on Twitter. Is this shirt, pants, and shovel the remains of someone Raptured? Or are these items just left out on the grass for some other reason? If you see any naked devout Christians floating into the sky, please contact us immediately.

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You can wait for "Judgment Day" to come to you (that'll be around 6 p.m., according to Camping). Or you can tune in and enjoy the pregame show.

The folks at Business Insider have compiled a handy list of webcams in cities all around the world that are perfect for viewing the predicted end of the world.

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... the world hasn't ended yet.

Good morning and thanks for following AOL Weird News' live blog coverage of "Doomsday."

For believers and skeptics alike, this is the day we've all been waiting for: May 21, 2011. According to radio host and fringe Christian leader Harold Camping, it's Judgment Day.

“It is not something where it's a tiny, tiny, tiny chance it may happen. It is going to happen," he told Huffington Post reporter Jaweed Kaleem in an interview.

(You can brush up on Camping's theories here).

Camping and his followers believe the end of the world will begin today at 6 p.m. local time -- wherever you are.

The prophecy predicts the Rapture will advance on a rolling basis, passing from time zone to time zone and occurring whenever the clock strikes 6 p.m.

That means the end times were already scheduled to arrive in places like Tonga and American Samoa. Have any readers in the South Pacific spotted anything unusual -- or perhaps apocalyptic? Let us know in the comments, or call our "Doomsday" hotline at (315) 636-0962.

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