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'Two Teachers And A Microphone' Rap About Standardized Testing

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They served Los Angeles' youth, got served pink slips, and now they are serving up fresh educational rhymes over the internet.

The anonymous teacher-turned-hip hop duo, Two Teachers and a Microphone, have gained a small, educational cult following for their informative rap videos that protest teacher layoffs and ask the public to take a stand.

This week, Two Teachers are back at it again with a new video about standardized testing and a specific message directed towards policy makers: "we teach human beings, not test takers."

Their catchy chorus captures the essence of their frustration:

"Because the kids we teach we are so much more than a value assigned from a test score. And the same is true for the teachers too so don't use it as a tool to bury our schools."


The youtube account that hosts their videos provides a blurb about the teaching renegades:

We are both products of LAUSD schools and have spent our careers teaching in LAUSD schools. We love what we do, and we feel that our public school teachers are compassionate, creative and critical to the intellectual and emotional success of our youth.

They urge the public to call school board members and demand that they rescind all pink slips.

Visit youtube for all five videos, or follow them on Twitter @teacheronthemic for future updates.

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