05/23/2011 09:53 am ET | Updated Jul 23, 2011

Bert Interviews Andy Samberg: Part Two (WATCH)

After a fun little chat about imaginary world flying and other fanciful topics, Andy Samberg and Bert got down to the heavy stuff in the second half of their high profile interview series. And right off the bat, Samberg wasn't pulling any punches -- or threads.

"From my perspective, anyone who has a problem with socks needs to grow up. It's been a long time coming. Socks are here to stay, and people who are anti-sock, to me, it's immature, it's short sighted -- short minded," Samberg said with the intensity that his urgent words deserved.

The discussion then veered into the contentious arena of dry white toast jokes -- it was a point of conflict for the two -- and pigeons before the debut of Bert's Brain Busters. It got intense. And after this, his "Shark Week" hosting duties will seem like swimming with a bunch of guppies.