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The Most Viewed Commencement Speeches In the History Of YouTube (VIDEOS)

The Huffington Post     First Posted: 05/23/11 05:40 PM ET   Updated: 07/23/11 06:12 AM ET

The right commencement speaker can make all the difference come graduation.

Sometimes a speaker says something so on key that it sticks with you for years to come. All of the speakers below did just that, making them amongst the best speeches of the internet age.

YouTube has posted a list of their 10 most viewed commencement speeches in the history of the video sharing site, including both famous and lesser known speakers who just seemed to say all the right things. Inspiring or just laugh-out-loud funny these speeches have just seemed to hit the right tone with viewers, boosting them into internet fame.

From Steve Jobs to Oprah, millions have viewed these videos, and while we're hesitant to call them the best speeches, it seems the viewers have spoken.

10. Average is the New Exceptional - Binghamton University Commencement remarks (185k Views)
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The Binghamton University Events Center was filled with laughter provided by undergraduate Anthony Corvino, a bachelors degree candidate in political science, chosen to deliver the undergraduate student commencement remarks. Corvino championed the "average" individuals out there, who aren't often in the limelight, unlike their genius fellow students. The political science major thanked his "average" mom for always sending him a package of Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids on Halloween, and he proclaimed his opinion that Wikipedia is the greatest innovation ever. He then urged fellow graduates to thank those who helped them get to this point in their life. He also told his compatriots that while they may be "average," that doesn't mean they can't have an effect on the world and others. "You aren't given opportunity," Corvino said. "You fight for it." Corvino will remain at Binghamton to pursue his masters degree in elementary education. He has performed with the Dickinson Community Players and in Bard in the Yard and is currently the president of the Roller Hockey Club. Become a fan of this video on Facebook:
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