05/25/2011 06:43 pm ET | Updated Jul 28, 2012

Barack Obama's Queen Toast Turns Awkward (VIDEO)

A traditional sequence took a strange turn on Tuesday evening as President Barack Obama dined with the Queen.

Obama was delivering a toast to the Queen, not unusual, but what happened next was. He fumbled -- or the orchestra was in error, you be the judge -- leaving the Queen to look extremely uncomfortable.

The toast went awry after Obama said, "I propose a toast. To her majesty the Queen." The orchestra thought he was done, and began playing God Save The Queen. But he wasn't. And Obama continued his toast as the song played in the background.

ABC's Jake Tapper transcribed the contents of the toast:

"The vitality -" the president said before the orchestra began. [...] The president kept going: " -- of the special relationship between our peoples and for the words of Shakespeare to this blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England," the president said as the awkward moment played out.

Even when Obama was done, no one raised their glass and the toast was halted until the song completed. In other words, there were several seconds of complete awkwardness. Finally, at the song's conclusion, glasses were raised.

At least one person in England came to Obama's defense following the unusual sequence. "I thought you did exactly the right thing," Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said.