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Memorial Day Grilling Ideas From Los Angeles Chef Nathan McCall

    First Posted: 05/25/11 08:03 PM ET   Updated: 07/25/11 06:12 AM ET

Nathan McCall is a self-billed "glorified prep cook." He's your local butcher -- Mr. Los Feliz, if you will. He formerly answered to "Chef" at restaurants such as Sona and Daniel, but now at McCall's Meat & Fish Co., he answers to: "Nathan, did you put aside two whole guinea fowls for me?" It's hard to imagine Los Feliz without its local butcher shop on Hillhurst Avenue; meat-minded locals know Nathan by face, first name and "How's Karen and the new baby?" (He and his butcher wife Karen Yoo are new parents). So, of course, we queried Nathan for some meat advice on what to grill for the upcoming BBQs happening all over LA this Memorial Day weekend.

McCall's Meat & Fish Co., 2117 Hillhurst Avenue, at Los Feliz Boulevard (323-667-0674 or

Photos by Lien Ta

Lamb Loin Chops
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For: Mr. and Mrs. "I'm on a Lean Diet"

Why It's Perfect: Lamb has the lowest cholesterol of any meat, especially if you trim the fat off a perfect Sonoma chop just right (but for flavor's sake, please trim fat after you grill it). Petite but still assertively meaty, your lean eaters won't feel left out at the BBQ.
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