05/25/2011 07:17 am ET | Updated Jul 25, 2011

Michael Moore To Lawrence O'Donnell: 'How Is It That You're Still Here' After Trump Criticism? (VIDEO)

Michael Moore asked Lawrence O'Donnell how he was still on television after his vehement criticism of his corporate bosses for their continued employment of Donald Trump.

Moore was on O'Donnell's Tuesday show to speak about a variety of topics, including the war in Afghanistan, Medicare and the killing of Osama bin Laden. At one point, he began talking about how he wished President Obama would ramp up his defense of the power of the federal government in the wake of Republican attacks. He said that the GOP wanted to shut down the government while that government was pursuing bin Laden. Then, Moore turned to O'Donnell.

"You were so powerful on this," he began, "and don't interrupt me while I give you this compliment--"

"All right, you're in charge, it's your show," O'Donnell joked.

"Oh, thanks!" Moore said. "Can Keith come back and be my co-host?" He then continued, "on those nights when you went against Trump, and you went against NBC, you went against your employer... how is it that you're still here? You went after NBC in a very large way and called them out on the fact that they were supporting a guy who was spewing racism... tell us now, on live television, what you went through with management."

"Nothing," O'Donnell said. "No response to it at all." He then said that they were out of time, but assured Moore that his bosses weren't forcing him to say that.


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