05/25/2011 03:19 pm ET | Updated Jul 25, 2011

'Style Guy' Glenn O'Brien Talks Fashion, Art, Music and Andy Warhol

StyleList: You've been a downtown New York icon for so long. Is it odd to see the resurgence here?
Glenn O'Brien: I like to see the revival. Some things strike me as odd, like when they had this thing about having artists paint storefronts on the Bowery. What's great about the Bowery is that it's the last fucked up street in New York City. It's the last one that makes no architectural sense. I was amused when Giuliani took credit for driving the crime out of New York. It's much simpler in reality -- criminals couldn't afford to live here anymore. They'd have to commute to work if they wanted to mug you in Manhattan.

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