05/28/2011 10:38 am ET | Updated Jul 27, 2011

303 Magazine Hosts First Annual PrideFest Fashion Show (PHOTOS)

Clothes have the duplicitous habit of expressing personality to the world without ever really saying anything about who the people wearing them really are.

It may be gloriously fitting then that Colorado's GLBT Month opened with its first ever PrideFest Fashion Show, hosted by 303 Magazine and the GLBT Community Center of Colorado.

The show was all about unapologetic, self-emanating pride, the kind that doesn't typically exist on New York or Parisan runways. The clothes were just the expressions of pride and personality.

In a letter written for 303 Magazine's special PrideFest issue, their creative director (and multi-award-winning hair stylist) Charlie Price says:

I have said that I wish being gay was not the most interesting thing about me. I know that might seem ridiculous to anyone who knows me. My voice, style, mannerisms and overall image all make me an obvious screaming queen...

What I mean by this is that we should be able to live however feels right to us, no matter who we are. I would love an episode of Glee where no one cared that Kurt was a big ol' flamer, but instead cared about his heavenly singing voice. It would be nice for people to stop reminding me that our president is black and simply see him only as our leader. Likewise, I hope there comes a time where being gay is no exotic, funny or scandalous.

Almost 500 people attended the Price-produced fashion show, emceed by CW2's Chris Parente--in drag, of course. After opening with a bouquet of drag queens, women took over the runway in short sailor-themed outfits, followed by the washboard-abs men in white Calvin Klein underwear, and women in barely-there wear.


Pridefest Fashion Show