Anderson Cooper On Covering Joplin Tornado (VIDEO)

05/27/2011 07:21 am ET | Updated Jul 27, 2011

Anderson Cooper reflected on covering the devastating tornado in Joplin, Missouri for a web video posted on Thursday.

Cooper has been in Joplin since the night after the tornado--which has become one of the deadliest in American history--struck Joplin.

"No matter where you looked... everything was destroyed," he said. "... It doesn't matter how many earthquakes or hurricanes or tornadoes you've covered. It's always shocking."

Cooper also talked about the piecemeal way he has to look for stories when he covers a natural disaster.

"You don't really know where the day is going to take you," he said. " ... Sometimes people come up to you. Sometimes you go up to people. Some people want to talk, some people don't want to talk." As an example, he talked about one woman whose story prompted him to file a report, and took viewers through that process.


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