05/27/2011 07:47 pm ET | Updated Jul 27, 2011

Conan O'Brien Wants A Street Named After Him

Last night, Conan O'Brien called out Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for a job not done.

Inspired by the newly christened "Oprah Winfrey Way" honoring the end of Oprah's 25-year talk show, O'Brien noted, "I've been here in Los Angeles for twenty-two months. You see where I'm going with this? Isn't it time I got a street named after me?" The talk show host and recent transplant is petitioning Villaraigosa to name a street after him, and as his website says, "he's not picky."

Conan already has the perfect location in mind: West Raymer street in Van Nuys. Coming from the perspective that there's nowhere to go but up, O'Brien reasons that this dusty, unpaved alley in industrial Van Nuys has nothing to lose from the renaming.

Van Nuys already has at least one street named after a celebrity, and Los Angeles is chockfull of more. From the NY Post:

...LA has this down to a science. Will Rogers Street is the site of a parking lot. Carmen Miranda Square is off Hollywood Boulevard. Van Nuys' Marbro Ave. is after the Marx Brothers. Burbank? Bob Hope Drive. Encino labeled one short block after Edward Everett Horton.

There's Gene Autry Way. Rue de Vallee. Valentino Place. Charlie Chaplin Avenue. Rochester Circle, named after Jack Benny's sidekick, Eddie "Rochester" Anderson. And San Fernando Valley remembers "Gone with the Wind" and Clark Gable with Tara Drive.

Another street name up for discussion: Elizabeth Taylor Street. Ever since her death this year, West Hollywood residents have been writing in to their city council requesting that she be honored for her HIV/AIDS advocacy work, reports LA Weekly.

h/t LA Observed.