05/27/2011 07:48 am ET | Updated Nov 16, 2011

Naked Brand Condoms Enter Luxury Prophylactic Market

Jud Ireland wants to sell the Cadillac of condoms.

His Naked brand line of prophylactics entered the market a few months ago in a limited release. They cost $56 for 12 and are only available in deluxe shops and pricey hotels.

As a young man in the 1980s, unsatisfying experiences with the common condom left Ireland determined to improve on its design.

"Condoms suck," Ireland told AOL Weird News. "Clearly there's a need in the marketplace at this point for a high-end product."

Ireland wasn't the first to feel that way. He's thrust his company into the niche market against competitors like the Original Condom Company, Sir Richard's Condom Company and Proper Attire, the New York Post reported.

Still, Ireland claims that his rubbers are special, thanks to the extra-soft latex, the high-quality lubricant and the variety of sizes -- so they fit like a glove, Time reported.

"We're not all going to wear the same sized 13 shoe," said Ireland, "why do they think we're all going to wear the same condom?"

Customers obviously don't want to lose any of the protection against sexually transmitted diseases, he said, but given the technological leaps made since the '80s, they should have something more enjoyable they can wear.

"I thought maybe I could improve upon the condom," Ireland said. "I wanted to build something I could actually be proud of."

Individually, Naked condoms sell for $4, but Ireland doesn't think customers would get sticker shock.

"People go out to party and spend $20, $30, $40, $50 or $100 at night and really they just want to get laid," he said. "This costs less than most drinks."

Maxfield, the fancy Los Angeles clothing store, carries the brand and Ireland plans to sell them in other luxury stores and hotels, like the exclusive SoHo House in Manhattan.

For those who aren't globetrotting but want their genitals to have a touch of the high life, the condoms are also sold on the company's website.

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