Red Bull 'Crashed Ice' Takes Ice Skating Downhill (VIDEO)

05/27/2011 07:48 am ET | Updated Nov 16, 2011

Compared to snowboarding, skiing or even rollerblading, the sport of ice skating doesn't have a reputation for being "extreme."

But that might change thanks to "Crashed Ice," a wild event that puts skaters clad in hockey gear on a massive bobsled track.

The sport, launched by the energy drink company Red Bull in 2000 according to The New York Times, merges the skating skills of hockey with the no-holds-barred racing style of snowboard cross.

"It's a huge adrenaline rush," said competitor Scott Croxall.

Four racers take to the course simultaneously, tearing down the icy track, leaping over ledges and maneuvering around sharp turns.

Though it's popular with amateur hockey players, Croxall suggests would-be participants bone up on their skating before they take to the ice.

"Make sure you've been playing hockey for a long time and you're really stable on your skates," he said.

Though it was initially launched as a promotion for the energy drink company, the game has found followers in Europe and North America. And it's certainly poised to grow, according to Kyle Croxall, Scott's brother and a fellow racer.

"It's definitely going places," Kyle Croxall said. "It's getting bigger every year."


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