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Star The Miracle Dog, Shot 40 Times And Buried Alive, Survives (VIDEO)

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It seems some animals can overcome even the most gruesome of fates.

These stories of survival are simply incredible, like this dog, who survived over 3 dozen gun shots from a pellet gun and a burial, according to TIME. The stray dog, named Star by her rescuers, was found buried up to her snout in sand in Malta.

It seems to be a miracle in and of itself that authorities were actually able to find her. According to the New York Daily News she was also well hidden.

Officers investigating an unrelated case near the city of Birzebbuga last week heard faint whispers from under a plank with a tree stump on top of it. After removing the plank, they made the gruesome discovery: a dog buried alive in dirt up to its face, its snout and limbs tied up, and multiple bullet wounds in its head, The Times of Malta reported.

Because she was a stray, finding Star's assailant (or assailants) could be difficult, according to the Daily News. However, a number of Facebook pages have sprung up hoping to find her attacker.

While many have offered to adopt the dog, officials have said she still has a long recovery before she's ready for a new home.


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