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Keith Olbermann Names David Sarosi Executive Producer Of 'Countdown'

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Keith Olbermann has named David Sarosi as the executive producer of the new incarnation of "Countdown."

Olbermann and Current TV, where the program launches on June 20, made the announcement on Monday. Sarosi was a former producer on the MSNBC version of "Countdown," where he handled the "Worst Persons In The World" segment, as well as the "which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow?" opening segment.

In a statement, Olbermann called them "the old show's two most essential segments," and said, "Nobody knows what 'Countdown' should be, more than Dave Sarosi ... I'm delighted we'll again be able to work together."

Current has been preparing for the launch of the show. Last week, the channel introduced a new website for "Countdown." Al Gore, Olbermann's boss, also accused Rupert Murdoch of interfering with Current's Italian channel due to Olbermann's new show.