05/31/2011 05:54 pm ET | Updated Jul 31, 2011

Mac Security Update 2011-003 Takes Aim At Mac Defender Malware (UPDATE)

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Apple has released a security update that addresses the Mac Defender malware phishing scam, which affected an estimated 60,000 to 125,000 Mac users.

According to an Apple Support post, security update 2011-003 will locate and remove "known variants" of Mac Defender installed on the user's computer.

This security update will also perform daily searches for new versions of the malware to prevent new iterations from spreading unchecked through the Mac community. If you happen to fall for the Mac Defender scheme, this update should promptly take care of the problem.

Users can also opt for automatic updates, which will take place in the background and won't disturb the user with notifications.

ZDNET praises the new feature, writing, "The update takes Apple one step closer to turning an obscure security feature into something very close to full-fledged antivirus software."

This update is now available for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (version 10.6.7) users at Apple Downloads or via Software Update.


UPDATE: It’s been barely a day since Apple released the Mac malware fix, and a new Mac trojan has already found its way around the block.

“The trojan arrives in a file called mdinstall.pkg and installs MacGuard, a malicious application that masquerades as security software the user needs to clean a Mac of some nasty infections said to be discovered during a recent hard drive scan,” The Register reports.

A similar malware attack circulating on Facebook is hitting Mac users (as well as PC users) with scareware.

Security update 2011-003 won’t stop you from downloading a malicious file, but a pesky Trojan will be quarantined and removed it once it’s discovered.

Since the update refreshes daily, users who downloaded malware after installing 2011-003 shouldn’t be troubled for long.