Truck With $400,000 Worth Of King Crab Vanishes

05/31/2011 11:45 am ET | Updated Jul 31, 2011

King crab prices this year have reached a record high and the market is certainly noticing. On May 20, a trucker picked up 25,000 pounds of Russian King Crab from a Los Angeles cold storage warehouse to deliver to Seattle. But, the crab and the driver have disappeared, likely intentionally.

After the crab failed to arrive in Seattle, the trucking company that contracted the driver discovered that the truck driver was part of a fraud ring. It was learned that his insurance, driver's license and other documents were fake, though it remains unclear if the trucker knew in advance what he was hauling.

This isn't the first case of stolen seafood this year. In March, a truck with $150,000 worth of steaks and seafood was stolen in Florida. Although the truck was later recovered in Orlando, the contents were not. published the lot number of the crab to alert potential buyers, but so far there are no leads as to where such a large cargo has landed.