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Race For The Bathroom! Toilet Racing Is The Real 'Super Bowl' (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 06/01/2011 9:09 am EDT   Updated: 01/07/2013 2:22 pm EST

When you gotta go, you gotta go -- fast!

Speed demons in Austria have given new meaning to the term "portable toilet" by adding wheels to commodes for a charity race.

In an event designed to raise awareness about chronic inflammatory bowel disease, racers including musicians, comedians and celebrities hopped on motorized toilets and swerved around cones in Michaelerplatz Square in Vienna, Oddity Central reports.

The bizarre event certainly drew attention, but toilet racing isn't as strange as it sounds, according to Michael Teitelbaum, author of "Weird Sports" (Beach Ball Books).

In fact, toilet racing is emblematic of an entire category of bizarre games that Teitelbaum dubs "athletics for non-athletes."

Austria Toilet Race
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Two participants drive electric-powered toilets during a charity race intended to help raise awareness of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Vienna, Austria on May 27.
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"It really comes from people who just thought, 'How silly can we get, what can we do, and how can we make it competitive?'"

"It doesn't take tremendous skill to put a motor on a toilet or roll a bed down the street," Teitelbaum told AOL Weird News.

But that doesn't mean it's not fun to watch.

"As sports fans, that we are entertained by anybody taking on something that's a little dangerous or a little strange."


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