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06/01/2011 10:34 am ET | Updated Aug 01, 2011

Wen Jiabao, Chinese Prime Minister, Plays Basketball With Students In Honor Of International Children's Day (VIDEO)

Following promises he would attend a physical education class with students, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao showed off some surprising prowess on the basketball court this week in honor of International Children's Day.

Chinese state television carried extensive footage of Wen shooting hoops with students at a Beijing elementary school. The premier, 68, was clad in a white sleeveless basketball jersey, matching shorts and sneakers -- as the Wall Street Journal describes, remarkably casual attire for a top Chinese leader to appear in public.

"Only when children are healthy, can the country have a good future," Wen is quoted as saying, after telling the players that he was "very happy" to join them. "We must keep a healthy body in order to better serve the people."

Watch state footage of Wen's basketball game here: