06/02/2011 02:29 pm ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Chelsea Handler: Could Leave E!, Wants To Use Her Brain

Chelsea Handler seems to be the only one sick of Chelsea Handler.

The stand up comic, talk show queen and now network TV star is at the height of her career, commanding more money and power than ever. But with her "Chelsea Lately" contract with E! Network set to run out at the end of 2012, she says that there's a very real possibility that she'd leave the channel -- and do something entirely different than the raunchy comedy her fans have come to adore.

"I want to do something that's going to utilize my brain a little more than this show," Handler told The Hollywood Reporter in a long cover story. "If 'Lately' is the show that I'm going to do, it's going to change. But it may turn out that I'm done with it altogether. I can't keep doing the same thing; my brain is bleeding. I want to do something that's more mindful and isn't celebrity-centered. I'm not looking to totally bail on E! They've done a lot for me, and I like it here... if you take away the Kardashians."

The Kardashians and reality TV have long been targets of Handler's, who has spared no words in attacking those she's less than impressed by. That includes vicious monologues targeting Angelina Jolie, The Real Housewives and MTV's "16 and Pregnant."

"People are too P.C.," she recently told the New York Times. "We need to be focusing on other things. We're seeking out such grossness in human behavior and want such mindless entertainment. 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' and some of these other shows are more racist. Or '16 and Pregnant.' Getting rewarded for being pregnant when you're a teenager? Are you serious? I mean, that makes me want to kill somebody."

To Handler, much of what she's spoken about on her show, and what the E! Network covers, is vapid and inconsequential.

"I want to do something people aren't expecting from me," she said. "I want to educate people and deliver news that isn't just surrounded by Charlie Sheen. I'd like to be able to do the serious stuff in conjunction with the comedy. I'd like to make an impact and have more responsibility than I do now."

Handler has many options she can turn to; she's executive producing and starring -- as her own sister -- in an NBC sitcom based on her memoir, "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea," which will be a mid-season replacement, and her standup comedy generates millions in ticket sales.