06/02/2011 05:34 pm ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Voted Most Stylish Male Sitcom Star By Complex Magazine (PHOTOS, POLL)


Will Smith, or rather, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has been named the most stylish male sitcom star by readers of Complex magazine. While we're only vaguely familiar with men's glossy, and we don't really know who its audience is (men?), we feel like this is a decision we can get behind, men's style-wise.

From checkered pants to ikat prints and a never-ending supply of graphic tees, the Fresh Prince's style is inimitable. As we recall, it's something that was born out of a playground in West Philadelphia, where he spent most of his days, and was perfected with his auntie and uncle on the west coast.

Okay, we'll stop playing. Take a trip back in time, check out Will Smith's outrageously '90s ensembles and tell us what you think.

Fresh Prince