Horse Rescue Organization, Red Bucket, Works To Help Abused Animals (VIDEO)

06/02/2011 11:03 am ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Two years ago, Susan Peirce and her husband were notified about a group of abandoned horses. What they found was a graveyard of skeletons and 50 starving animals, eating each other's tails trying to survive. They decided to take action.

In this KTLA report by Lu Parker, the non-profit Red Bucket Equine Rescue, based in Huntington Beach, California, works to save abused and abandoned horses. A disturbing number of horses are left for dead when an owner doesn't want, or can't afford, to keep them. In one case, the organization found a horse 300 pounds underweight, headed to slaughter because the owner no longer wanted her. In the past two years, the organization has saved 80 horses and found permanent homes for 32 of the animals.

Red Bucket is a 100% volunteer-based organization working to save and rehabilitate horses, then find them loving homes. Unfortunately, for every horse saved, there are many more still suffering. To learn more about Red Bucket Equine Rescue, visit their website.



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