06/02/2011 05:28 pm ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Power Plants Shred Fish And Waste Water In 'Fish Chopper' Video

According to the Sierra Club, the power plant industry withdraws over 200 billion gallons of water each day.

The Sierra Club recently released an animated video from Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore. The video, "Fish Choppers," focuses on the power plants with cooling systems that both shred fish and waste water. In the video, a "fish chopper" says, "I slurp up a billion gallons a day to stay cool. And so do my friends... I love fish. Chopped fish."

HuffPost Blogger Kyle Rabin describes the experience a friend of his had with the system:

While working at the Barrett plant, Rob witnessed the devastating impact that an outdated cooling water intake system can have on aquatic life. On one occasion, Rob saw hundreds of horseshoe crabs trapped against the facility's cooling water intake screen. He and a few colleagues rescued as many of the prehistoric crabs as they could by raking them off the screen and tossing them back into the bay as far from the intakes as possible.

The alternate option that Sierra Club proposes is closed-cycle cooling. According to the organization, it is "the best technology available to reduce the environmental damages from cooling water systems."

While the EPA recently proposed guidelines for cooling water use at power plants, many environmental groups claim that the proposal offers little improvement, due to pressure from powerful industries. The Sierra Club offers an opportunity to contact the EPA and urge them to protect fish and waterways.