06/02/2011 11:40 am ET | Updated Aug 02, 2011

Skydiving Marriage Proposal: Kyle Monroe Asks Liz Navitksky To Marry Him As They Jump From Plane (VIDEO)

Ah, "Good Morning America" -- making extreme marriage proposals possible since 1975...or whenever the show started its "Extreme Marriage Proposal" contest.

Meet this year's winners, Kyle Monroe and Liz Navitksky. The adventuresome couple has led a life of triathlons, hiking and canoeing since they started dating at at Southern Illinois University. The two were supposed to go skydiving during one spring break, but missed out due to bad weather. And that, folks, is where "GMA" came in.

Kyle took Liz out for a leisurely leap, as cameras followed to film a promotional video. Not! When Liz went in for the landing, she saw a sign reading, "Will you marry me?" and Kyle punnily popped the question, saying, "Over the last five years, I have fallen in love with you, think it's time we make the next jump in the relationship." Pretty adorable stuff, if we do say so ourselves.