Colbert Salutes Republicans For Standing Up Against Themselves On The Debt Ceiling (VIDEO)

06/03/2011 05:25 pm ET | Updated Aug 03, 2011

"One is reminded of Patrick Henry's courageous cry, 'Give me liberty and I don't want liberty.'"

The thing that makes a story like Anthony Weiner's alleged, uh, johnson, so captivating is that it's very easy to understand. Say the phrase "debt ceiling" though, which Weiner has said more times in the last week than Fox News anchors have said his name, and most of our eyes start to roll back in our heads.

Colbert, however, sliced into the story brilliantly by focusing on the boomerang nature of the GOP's battle cry on this one: they are saber-rattling against legislation they introduced. And what's more, they're winking and crossing their fingers when anyone from Wall Street looks at them sideways.

That's way easier to understand.


If you can't view the embedded video, watch it here.

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