06/03/2011 08:51 am ET | Updated Aug 03, 2011

National Cancer Survivors Day: 50 Tips From The Twittersphere

Last year in the United States, more than one and a half million men and women were estimated to be diagnosed with cancer -- and more than half a million people were expected to die from the disease.

The statitics are sobering. But on the other side of diagnosis are nearly 12 million Americans who have been classified as survivors by a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- the authors credit early detection, an aging population, improved diagnostic methods and more effective treatment among the reasons why.

Behind these numbers are the stories of these millions of survivors, who each have their own tale to tell. In honor of the 24th annual National Cancer Survivors Day -- June 5, 2011 -- we asked people who had beat cancer to tell us their number one survival tips with us on Twitter.

Here, they share 50 of their very personal tips that helped them on the journey to becoming a #cancersurvivor.

cancer survivor tips