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11 Sarah Palin Quotes Presented By Teenage Girls (PICTURES)

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Sarah Palin was mysteriously out of the spotlight for a few months, but this week she's driven her way back into the news cycle -- on a tour bus traveling across America for as-yet-undefined reasons. And as grating as Palin's brand of thin-skinned straight shooting can be, we're happy to see another cycle of flubs, gaffes and misstatements before the ride is over.

Although Palin has yet to announce a presidential run, we can't wait until she does. But until then, how about we take a look at some of Palin's more memorable statements from a source that seems more natural -- the mouth of a teenage girl? We can't be the only one to think that she's probably at home with Bristol's peers, talking-wise. Vote for the one that seems the most fitting and let us know if we missed any other hilariously juvenile Palinisms.

Palin Quotes Said By Teenagers
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