Roger Moore Speaks Out For Kids With Disabilities -- How You Can Help

06/04/2011 11:56 am ET | Updated Aug 04, 2011

Sir Roger Moore, better known for playing secret agent James Bond, has a very public message.

As a UNICEF member for almost 20 years, Moore has been a strong advocate for children with disabilities, who are often mistreated and discriminated against, he says:

"Children with disabilities are amongst the most vulnerable members of our society. They are at a higher risk of abuse, neglect, and of missing out on school and basic health care. Thousands -- literally thousands -- of children live isolated lives in institution without one single chance of adequate development."


You can support children with disabilities through the following charities:

Help UNICEF provide healthcare, protect kids from violence and advance social and economic policies that benefit children all over the world.

Dreams For Kids accepts donations to provide children with disabilities opportunities to serve others who are less fortunate, reminding them that they have something positive to offer. Kids are connected with community service opportunities and provided education on social issues.

Support Unified Theater's work in partnering with teens of all abilities to create a student-led theater production. The program is built upon the concept of treating teens with disabilities as equals.

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