06/05/2011 11:40 am ET | Updated Aug 05, 2011

Richard Scarry Google Logo Honors 'Busytown' Creator's 92nd Birthday (PICTURE)

Today, Google's homepage logo features the bustling, animals-only city called Busytown, created by author and illustrator Richard Scarry.

Scarry was born on June 5, 1919, and authored over 250 books for children. According to the New York Times, Scarry's works sold over 100 million copies in the U.S. and elsewhere.

In honor of what would have been Scarry's 92nd birthday, Google has transformed its usual logo into Scarry's Busytown, complete with animal inhabitants going about their day. And on the Google results page, Scarry's beloved character Lowly Worm can be seen in place of the Google logo's "L."

Visit Google to see both Scarry-inspired doodles. You can also view Google's recreation of Busytown (below).