06/07/2011 10:42 am ET | Updated Aug 06, 2011

6 Pieces Of Can't-Miss Public Art In Denver

Whether showing the city to out-of-town guests or spending a day with the family, Denver’s oversized art trend makes for a ready-made in-town field trip. Check out these six pieces that liven up our cityscape.

Dancing Aliens: Technically the piece is named “Dancers,” but these lithe 60-foot ethereal creatures easily conjure thoughts of the elongated aliens of sci-fi films. Caught in a perpetual state of dance with continual music wafting up from speakers at the base, the two bright white beings are easily spotted in the sculpture park at the DCPA.
N. Speer Blvd. between Champa St. & Arapahoe St.

Big, Blue Bear: It makes first-time visitors to the city drive around the block multiple times to get a grasp on whether they really saw what they think they did. Peering into the Colorado Convention Center, a 40-foot blue bear leans toward the building with his paws framing his face, reflecting clearly in 40 feet of glass panes. It’s titled “I See What You Mean,” but most know it simply as "Big, Blue Bear."
700 14th St.

Big Sweep: On the northern edge of the Denver Art Museum plaza sits the Big Sweep, a massive broom sweeping garbage into its oversized dustpan counterpart. These colossal cleaning supplies – over 30 feet in height – possibly mark the only time you’ll intentionally pose for photos in front of debris.
100 W. 14th Ave.

Cow Town: It’s an interesting contrast, as “Scottish Angus Cow and Calf” – a mother and her calf, more than three times the size of real cattle – relax contentedly to the east of the Denver Art Museum, a titanium and glass angular building created with an array of geometric oddities. These large bovine creatures bring a small sense of cow town to an otherwise modernized area.
W. 12th Ave. between Bannock St. & Acoma St.

Little Horse, Big Chair: Sculptor Donald Lipski claimed he “wanted to give kids something that would really be a cause for wonder.” He succeeded, while also giving the rest of us something to wonder about every time we drive past “The Yearling,” located near Denver’s Central Public Library. A six-foot tall pony stands atop a 21-foot bright red chair, watching over the road. We can’t help but take an extra peek to see whether Lily Tomlin’s hanging out up there, too.
10 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy.

Demon Horse: This one’s a good distance from the others, and we’re still working through our love-hate relationship with it. But we can’t resist looking for “Mustang” every time we’re on our way to or from DIA. Admittedly, we’re a bit intrigued that someone thought it would be fitting to welcome newcomers to Denver with the help of a towering bright blue crazed horse with lit-up, glaring red eyes. Despite widespread efforts leveraged toward the rearing Bluecifer’s removal, we’d secretly miss it if it were gone.
Near DIA, 8500 Peña Blvd.


GREATER DENVER (Including Demon Horse):