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The Caperon, For When You Need An Apron But Also Might Need A Cape

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First there were gluttony pants. Now, Betabrand has introduced the Caperon.

Obviously, this is no ordinary cape-apron hybrid, explains Betabrand. After all, "it took a decade of painstaking research and development in the fields of fashion, science, metaphysics, and barbecuing" to create such a complicated garment.



We think the idea is pretty genius, and have come up with several scenarios in which the Caperon could prove useful:
  • You want to stand out during your neighborhood's annual Fourth of July parade.
  • You tend to stain your back a lot.
  • You are self-conscious about your really hairy neck.
  • You are a vampire, but don't really care for black.
  • No one ever believed you, but you can fly!

Just be careful when you are battling evil villains with it. Remember what happened at the end of The Incredibles?

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