08/15/2011 12:05 pm ET | Updated Aug 18, 2011

Destin-Nation Greece: Budget Travel on the Cheap (PHOTOS)

Greece on a budget. Looking for an inexpensive European getaway? Look no further than the land of the philosophers, whitewashed and blue domed churches, Hercules and those other gyros.

Greece has fallen on tough times lately. Its economy was particularly hard hit by the global downturn, and the country is plagued by excessive national debt. But, that can mean financial breaks for the traveler.

Luxury travel options in Greece abound, especially at upscale island resorts. But, think about mom and pop, family owned establishments for food and lodging deals, especially those that include breakfast. Also, look out for internet rates when booking rooms.

Sightseeing doesn't have to be expensive either. Some of Greece's greatest sights are its centuries-old monuments and archaeological sights – many of which can be seen for free, or for not much more than $10. Even the paid monuments have their free days:

March 6, April 18, May 18, June 5, September 27, the last weekend in September, Sundays between November 1 and March 31, Greek national holidays, the first Sunday of every month except July, August and September.

Photo: Steve Punter/Flickr

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