06/06/2011 12:49 pm ET Updated Aug 06, 2011

Douglas Bruce, Colorado's TABOR Author, Accused Of Practicing Law Without License

Doug Bruce's resume could easily include these bylines: Anti-tax crusader, TABOR author, small government enthusiast. But what about "Colorado lawyer?"

As reported in Law Week Colorado, The Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel filed a petition on May 23 for injunction against Bruce, who lives in Colorado Springs. The petition asks the Colorado Supreme Court to enjoin him from the unauthorized practice of the law and seeks fines from $250 to $1,000 per violation.

Several thousand in fines may be small pittance compared to the tax-evasion charges Bruce already faces, the largest of which could cost $500,000 or 6 years in prison.

Responding to the accusation, Bruce told the Colorado Springs Gazette, “I have no law office, I collected no fee, I never said I was a lawyer, I never impersonated a lawyer ... It’s a silly accusation.”

The injunction petition (visible below) stems from court documents filed in the summer of 2010 that are nearly identical to other complaints previously filed by Bruce's supporters. It is alleged that Bruce authored all of the complaints and provided legal counsel to his supporters in court.

Petition for Injunction

Order and Rule to Show Cause