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The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Weiner's Admission (VIDEO)

First Posted: 06/06/11 07:44 PM ET   Updated: 08/06/11 06:12 AM ET

Now that Rep. Anthony Weiner has let it all hang out/faced the hard truth/gotten a load of his chest (OK, we'll stop there), every comedian on Twitter has put in his or her two cents.

The result? More hilarious, pun-filled phallic jokes than we can handle. We've selected our favorites that were tweeted after Weiner's teary-eyed press conference, but we know there are more to come. When it comes to comedy, this scandal is nothing short of the gift that keeps on giving

Dave Hill
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Dave Hill
Is it considered lewd to email photos of just your testicles? Asking for a friend.
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