'Green Lantern' Videos: Eight New Clips Unveiled Of Ryan Reynolds Film (WATCH)

06/07/2011 12:46 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2011

You think Ryan Reynolds looks tough flying planes? How about jetting off on the blast of an all powerful green ring.

As the days tick down to the release of his epic big screen adaptation of "The Green Lantern," Warner Bros. is releasing clip after clip to whet the appetites of comic geeks and Reynolds fangirls a like. With its gigantic budget and major hype, the pressure is on Reynolds and company to deliver, and while it's impossible to say whether the Lantern will light up the box office, it looks like the star and filmmakers have put together some major on-screen fireworks.

The most recent dump is an eight video epic, featuring Reynolds, as Hal Jordan, flying planes, talking with dying aliens, wielding unrivaled power and flying through space. And perhaps most excitingly, it looks like a comic book, in all the right ways.


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