U.N. Climate Conference Asked To Give Palestine Global Warming Funds

06/07/2011 01:32 pm ET | Updated Aug 07, 2011

BONN, Germany -- Developing countries have asked the U.N. climate conference to accept Palestine as a participant and give it access to funding to fight global warming.

Jorge Arguello, who heads the group of 131 developing countries, suggested Palestinian "participation" in the 194-party negotiations on a climate change accord.

The Palestine Authority says it will seek U.N. recognition as an independent nation at the General Assembly meeting in September.

"We all (already) recognize Palestine," Arguello said in an interview Tuesday.

In an address to the conference, Argentina's ambassador said his group "reiterates the necessity of Palestine's active participation" in climate talks "and to make every effort to grant Palestine access to funding from different climate change sources."