06/08/2011 12:18 pm ET | Updated Aug 08, 2011

Hayes Carll's 'Another Like You' Video Stars Comedian Brett Gelman Plus James Carville & Mary Matalin

Paula Abdul was right: opposites do attract.

In addition to being an adorable send-up the notion of strange bedfellows, the newest video from country singer and songwriter Hayes Carll has some pretty strong comedy bona fides going for it. First of all, it stars comedian, actor and UCB-regular Brett Gelman. Second, it was helmed by "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" co-creator Dave Willis. Third, James Carville shows up at the end and seems to be parodying himself because you can't understand a word he's saying.

Actually, both Carville and his wife Mary Matalin, real life embodiments of the "opposites attract" ethos, have a fun cameo, commenting on the message of the video. Apparently, Matalin gets it, Carville doesn't. Oh, you two...