06/08/2011 10:19 am ET Updated Aug 08, 2011

Jon Stewart Cuts Hand Spoofing Weiner Press Conference (VIDEO)

After three days of penis puns and a follow-up segment Monday, "The Daily Show" took one more shot at the Anthony Weiner scandal on Tuesday night's show with a fake press conference.

Stewart, who is an old college buddy of Weiner's, took to the podium at the top of the show to address why he hadn't given Weiner's press conference the fake coverage it deserved (Weiner's presser was at 4:30, the show starts taping around 6:00). He even offered to "step down" unlike the Congressman, but we have a feeling he'll be back on Wednesday.

The bit was special for a few different reasons. For one, Stewart did a brilliant job parodying Weiner's darting eyes, persed lips and copious water-drinking during the presser. Stewart heightened the joke by pouring something stronger: a martini and a frozen margarita.

The second reason this bit was special isn't exactly "funny." About four minutes into the first clip, you hear Stewart's margarita glass break and Stewart say, "I'm probably going to need to go to the hospital." He had sliced open his hand on the glass.

Still, Stewart continued the bit, lampooning Weiner's apology to perfection: "I brought pain to people I care about. My staff, my audience..."

In the second part of the presser, John Oliver takes over the podium and further chastises Stewart for not going all out with his Weiner coverage. You also really get to see the gash on Stewart's hand, which did not look good. Oliver insisted Stewart was just being dramatic:

"You're fine! Stop being so Jewish about it."

WATCH: Part one

WATCH: Part two with John Oliver