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Keith Plessy, Phoebe Ferguson Unite To Form Non-Profit

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The descendants of old rivals are now friends who have teamed up to form a civil rights non-profit.

From the Washington Post:

Once it was Plessy versus Ferguson. Now it's Plessy and Ferguson. Keith Plessy, the decedent of the man who tested Louisiana's law requiring separate railroad cars for whites and blacks, and Pheobe Ferguson, the great-great-granddaughter of the judge who upheld it, chatted about how they came together to create the The Plessy and Ferguson Foundation.

The non-profit's site says the foundation is designed to "create new and innovative ways to teach the history of Civil Rights through understanding this historic case and its effect on the American conscience."

Plessy and Ferguson were introduced by author Keith Medley, who wrote the book, We as Freemen: Plessy vs Ferguson. Medley and historian Brenda Square pushed the idea of forming a foundation.

Read the Post's interview with the co-founders here, and WATCH a video on the history of the case below: