'Super 8' Sneak Screenings Thursday: JJ Abrams Film, Twitter Team For Early Showings

06/08/2011 10:32 am ET | Updated Aug 08, 2011

If there's been one consistent theme behind the slow burn marketing of JJ Abrams and Stephen Spielberg's sci-fi summer epic "Super 8," it's been mystery. And while the questions presented by the movie's trailers still linger in the air, the answers will be coming a full day early.

Paramount and Twitter are teaming up to present the film a full day early in 300 theaters across the country, offering mega fans the opportunity to get a sneak peak of what promises to be one of the summer's biggest movies. Using the special, sponsored hashtag #Super8Secret, along with the password mint (which becomes much more meaningful once the movie is seen), moviegoers can secure tickets to a Thursday screening.

With big weekend box office projections, it's a solid chance for viewers to avoid getting sold out of theaters when the film officially releases. A tale of a bunch of 12-year old kids, who, working to make an entry Super 8 movie contest, get a firsthand look at a mysterious crash that begets a disaster that begins to ravage their working class Ohio town, the movie brings the epic explosions and heart of old Spielberg summer blockbusters and the childhood experiences and dazzling visuals Abrams is known for.

"Twitter is how we hear about new movies and share our tiny reviews before the credits finish rolling," Biz Stone, Twitter cofounder, said in a statement. "There are already millions of people talking about SUPER 8 on Twitter and Paramount gets that. Creating more excitement about the film with sneak previews and free popcorn is a smart way to make this film a global conversation even before it’s released."

In the great tradition of summer popcorn movies, the theaters -- 239 of them in IMAX -- will also be offering free popcorn with any other concession purchase.

Want in? Click over to the Super 8 Secret site for tickets a showtimes.


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