Tesla Motors Closes Boulder Location In Favor Of Park Meadows

06/08/2011 06:59 pm ET | Updated Aug 08, 2011

Tesla Motors has officially relocated to Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree to sell and educate the public about its electric sport cars.

The Paolo Alto-based company reportedly made the move for a wider showroom and hopes for more foot traffic than it received at it's West Boulder location.

In a press release, Tesla says the move so far has already been very successful in terms of sales--even breaking records in its first two weeks. The company has also announced plans to open a service center in Glendale later this month.

From the press release:

In preparation for Model S, the world’s first premium electric sedan, Tesla is reinventing how people buy cars with interactive stores designed to entice potential customers. Tesla stores are designed to invite customers to explore Tesla’s technology, learn about owning an electric car, and configure their own car in the Tesla Design Studio.

The new Model S is base-priced at $50,000 and will be able to travel 300 miles per charge.

Founded in 2003, the company now has 18 locations globally and claims that its cars are on the road in 31 countries.

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